About us

About us

As you imagine your project

We can do ..

More than 15 years Alhabib factory puts this motto in mind .Even become the culture used in the factory.

Al-Habib for Glass & Aluminum Factory was established in 2001 . it is one of Alhabib group of industrial which grow from the heart of the desert in central Saudi Arabia to cover all interesting Saudi and GCC market requirements. ALhabib Factory is considered is one of the leading factories specialized in manufacturing and installation.

Our mission : Design and execute projects as you envision and win trust and customer satisfaction.

Our Vision : The progress towards covering all the needs of the Saudi and Gulf markets from the manufacture and installation of glass destinations and aluminum systems.


Excellence in customer service

We are committed to being the first choice as a business partner, and we are committed to adding value to our clients' business by all possible means, and we are ready to reach the top of excellence and treat our customers as the best.


We announce our commitment, dedication, enthusiasm, pride and ability to maintain a leading position as well as provide a different positive model to all who deal with the company.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to adopting responsible operating practices, as well as caring for our employees, but extends the commitment to responsible behavior in the communities in which we operate and in which our products are used.

Trust and respect

We value and respect all employees of the company, we trust their ability to strive to build relationships, and we are committed to a strong and lasting commitment to all business deals we have with our customers.

Creative work

We are working to find, support and increase our key areas of excellence through our expertise, experience and commitment to be the best by nurturing the spirit of work we enjoy.

Delegation of authorities

We encourage, nurture, and support our employees to be proactive and responsible for their actions.


We are committed in all our dealings with the values of honesty, consistency, transparency and integrity.