ACP (Cladding) Aluminum composite panel

Aluminium plastic composite panel is compounded with top and bottom layers of aluminium sheet, Anti-toxic polyethylene core material. Both surfaces are rolled and coated with special baking varnish.
Application Scope

  • Building Building exterior curtain walls .
  • Decoration Decoration reformation storey-addition for old buildings .
  • Decoration Decoration of interior walls, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens and balconies .
  • Shop’s door decorations .
  • Advertisement boards, display platforms and signboards .
  • Wallboards and ceilings for tunnels .
  • Industrial materials, vehicle and boat materials .

The finish can be used for columns or concrete walls .we have two types that can be used with rock wall insulation or without & Aluminium foil sheet. It also can be used in different thicknesses. The finish also can be kynar or powder coating to match the external envelope finish